Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Dome Building on Keystone Grounds Brandon

The " Dome Building" --------Manitoba Provincial Exhibit Building on Keystone Grounds in early afternoon sunshine. Whenever I get bored , I pick up my paint brush, whenever I feel unhappy, I pick up my paint brush, whenever I get tired and sleepy, I pick up my paint brush. No exception today when I felt myself overcome with drowsiness at noon , I simply packed up my French easel ,loaded it into trunk of my car, and started to drive aimlessly until I spotted the dome building with its domes sparking in wintry sunlight. That is it. I set up to paint there and then against the cold, against the wind and even against the occasional sensation of hunger until what has been bugging me all dissipate and what is left in me is nothing but the pure bliss , the painter's bliss.

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